Mobile ICF / ICCF Manufacturing

Mobile manufacturing of our composite insulated concrete block can assist in rebuilding disaster areas, & can be used in high clearance government and security projects, or anywhere a simple, eco-friendly building material is needed.


A small workforce means keeping operation expenses to a minimum and focusing on more important business elements, like profitability. A minimum of 5 operators can produce up to 100 block per day.


Total mobility creates seamless logistic operations for development projects and quick setup once delivered. With the fastest setup times in the industry, timeless work stay on track and costly overages are avoided. Turnkey startup allows for new or startup established business to be geared for growth with ease of expansion, as your market share increases.


Our dedication to your success doesn’t stop at purchase. Each plant operator receives total technical, marketing, logistical, and operational support from our dedicated staff.

20% to 50% ROI can be obtained in most markets depending on operational costs. EBS assists to survey individual markets to provide estimated marketability & sales potential. An ICCF mobile manufacturing system has potential to compliment your existing business by providing a green construction building material and manufacturing process. Turnkey startup allows for new or startup business to be geared for growth with ease of expansion, as your market share increases.

Mobile Manufacturing Applications

  • Residential Developments
  • Commercial Developments
  • Churches/Schools/Municipal
  • Government & Security
  • Disaster Recovery Areas
  • Freeway & Transportation
  • Sound Barriers & Walls

Step 1 – Raw Recycled EPS

Step 2 – Grind to Beads

Step 3 – Mix EBS Formula

Step 4 – Build Block


Easily Stacks for Shipping to Clients


With the ability to manufacture your own building materials, drastically reduce transit costs and supplement revenue with 3rd party direct sales, rapid business growth is achievable and sustainable.

Ready to Order Block or Qualify for a Plant?

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