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Styrofoam Recycling in Arizona


Step 1 - Receive Donations

Recycling partners throughout the World donate post consumer / post industrial EPS to Eco Building Systems thus preventing shipment to landfills and non-biodegradable waste left in the surface of the earth.

Step 2 - Repurpose Materials

The unusable EPS is placed through an automated process that will convert the EPS into a compressed bead form that will be used in the proprietary EBS materials mixture that will create a sustainable green building material for construction and other sectors.

Step 3 - Create The Perfect Block

The EBS mixture will be placed in forms and the most sustainable and energy efficient building material on the planet is created.  After curing, stacking, and shipping, our eco focused clients will receive their orders.

Companies with large amounts of EPS should call for transportation assistance. Individuals or small businesses may drop off clean EPS for recycling at the following location:


Eco Building Systems

8960 W Larkspur Drive Suite 105

Peoria, AZ 85381


Drop off hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am - 4 pm.

Prior confirmation of truckload deliveries required.


For further information call 623-271-1173 and ask for recycling information.




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The Perfect Block is a line of featured Eco Building Systems' products using recycled materials.  This Icf/Iccf block is able to save energy with its superior insulation, add privacy with it's ability to block sound, reduce maintenance costs with its resistance to mold and termites, and protect families with its high rated protection against home fires, The Perfect Block® and EBS are the system of choice developers, builders, and homeowners around the world .


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