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 Composite ICF Building Systems

Eco Building Systems' ICCF Block Lineup & Signature Mobile Manufacturing Plant  Sets Up Quickly & Eliminates High Overhead and Material Waste To Provide a Sustainable Solution in Green Construction Building Systems.


Global Profits


A complete support system including drafting, engineering, project consulting, and our commitment to customer service sets us apart from the industry and ensures a seamless operation.

Ownership of an EBS mobile manufacturing plant ensures control and quality of your product, opportunity for factory direct sales, and  an industry leading customer service team on call.

Specially designed tools, manuals, and training make  for simple installation for your new or existing composite ICF project.  Resources are included in the plant systems and can also be purchased individually.

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Invest in Mobile Manufacturing

Imagine having full independence in your building process, exclusivity in your licensed territory,  and controlling the speed & quality of your product with your own low labor, low waste batch plant.  Imagine building with a block that is earthquake resistant, fire resistant, and contains thermal properties that can save cities, states, countries, owners and occupants 50% or more on their energy bills; yet is made using recycled materials! This is what we imagined and now we proudly present Eco Building Systems & The Perfect Block®




Eco Building Systems has developed a unique fully-mobile manufacturing plant for purchase to produce The Perfect Block with setup times on work sites as low as 24-48 hours and producing block the next day!


This is a building system to offer your clients and government programs interested in revitalizing their infrastructure with sustainable buildings the perfect solution for their needs.


Along with licensing of our alternate size blocks and products that use recycled material and waste from where the plant is located and uses the local materials available. You will produce a building material that is sustainable! We are unique and exclusive and we are the only company in the world that has this type of unique manufacturing plant available!!




When our manufacturing plants are purchased, we specialize in total support for all our products to our partners. We will support your company’s growth with design, engineering, material estimation, procurement, and training. We will also set up and start your production line to make sure your company starts up smoothly and all questions are answered. We will be there when needed!




Building with The Perfect Block® in your construction business provides total contractor support with educating, advising, and troubleshooting services just a call away.  You can count on our team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience building with and manufacturing alternative ICF block.

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The Perfect Block is a line of featured Eco Building Systems' products using recycled materials.  This Icf/Iccf block is able to save energy with its superior insulation, add privacy with it's ability to block sound, reduce maintenance costs with its resistance to mold and termites, and protect families with its high rated protection against home fires, The Perfect Block® and EBS are the system of choice developers, builders, and homeowners around the world .


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